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For over 40 years, Clearline Inc. has specialized in manual and motorized window control systems for inaccessible windows.  We provide the highest quality customer service for each unique project by CUSTOMIZING DESIGNS AS PER ARCHITECTURAL PLANS AND DEFINED WINDOW DETAILS.

Our web site will provide you with specification data developed for the architectural design of window control systems, either manual or motorized, for high or inaccessible metal or wood windows in clerestory areas.  Practical but aesthetic design permits ready accessibility for out-of-reach locations.

The manual window control systems may be surface mounted or concealed within walls providing excellent function and appearance; motorized window control systems can also be provided for similar advantages.

In new buildings, our window control systems are typically integrated into the air flow design for smoke evacuation, natural ventilation, energy conservation, or to supplement air-conditioning during the milder seasons of the year.

In existing buildings or additions to older structures, the window control systems can replace bulky hardware or are used as a substitute for poles; which are often misplaced, cause window damage or do not reach the vents properly.


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